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Sometimes I like to imagine the Gods…

by Victoria Redbard

Sometimes I like to imagine the Gods up there discussing their decisions on releasing information down to earth. 

Some compassionate Goddess is like: ‘come on it’s been enough centuries, we should really give them some more words or labels for what exists between monogamy and polyamory’

Some giggling God is like: ‘What are you talking about, this is so much more entertaining!?’

The Karen Goddess responds: ‘So we’re going to give them the blockchain technology ideas before we give them some new labels?! Who decides this stuff?! Where do I speak to the manager!??!!’

Until the Gods decide to offer up the gifts of more labels or words y’all find me here, swanning about in the mystery fighting that good fight.

It’s a long road of discovery and it never stops or gets any easier to explain. 

I can’t say I’m a yes to all desires my partner brings to the table, and I can’t say it’s been easy to navigate that or explain my ‘yes’ or ‘nos’.

What I can tell you is my commitment lies with letting go to follow the path of least resistance, and journeying with what my body communicates to me along the way. 

Nowadays my triggers or boundaries don’t lie with particular acts such as sex, or even really people. They seem to lie in the energetics of unique situations.

It’s nuanced and challenging to communicate at times but the trust and commitment that it begins to imbue in my relationships to move from this place, is an exquisite safety that I’ve longed to rest inside for some time.

On the days I have no words and only pain in my body it’s hard to explain my choices. But deep down I know the creative tension is here to show me more of what my path is here to reveal. Luckily no one needs to understand that other than me. 

Thank you to my beloved man and peers for continuing to rejoice, drown and laugh as we follow this path of unknown territory until the Karen Goddess gets through to the manager 😆

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