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It’s a Sin

When the world turned its back on them they had each other.

On my recent trip home to the UK Mum got me hooked on this channel 4 show: It’s a sin! So much so that I binged the entire series 1 in 2 nights. 

I felt so moved and poleaxed by this show that its genius has continued to ruminate through my thoughts all day today. 

The basis of the show follows 3 young men in the prime of their gay life hitting the big city of London and having a ball. They are young and nothing can stop them until the dreaded aids epidemic starts to pour its way through the planet, having the newly found wild freedom of their sexuality brought to a halt. 

This leads to a deep unravelling of their stories, the shame they have to face, the humanity and depth of friendship that runs beneath their binge drinking party days, and the irrational fear, homophobia, and outrageous protocols they enforce upon the boys as no authority or medical person really understands how aids works.

They completely nailed how the different forms of shame at home expresses itself through their individual natures and sex drive. The defiance and hope for reconciliation of the shame that they’ve endured being worked out in a hilarious and deeply heartfelt expression by each of the characters.

If you’re keen to laugh, cry and feel completely astounded by the madness of human nature this is truly a masterpiece worth checking out.

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