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Reasons You Might Seek Out A Sexologist

by Ruth Rafferty

…and continue to deepen your connection for the rest of your life possibly…maybe… 😉

There are many reasons a person might be interested in a Sexological body session. One person might book a session having a sexual-related issue, another may want to simply deepen their connection with their body and pleasure and/or bring deeper connection into their relationships.

1. To Create Deeper Connection with Yourself & Your Body.

A Sexological session gives you the practices & tools needed to begin creating deeper connection with yourself & your body.

2. To Create Deeper Connection with your Partner.

When we have learnt first the tools to begin creating a deeper body connection with ourselves, this ripples into our connection with another. We feel more empowered and connected than ever because we know that we haven’t left the responsibility to our partner to provide for us. 

We have cultivated it ourselves, for ourselves. And now, we naturally want to connect from this empowered place and connection with our partner.

3. To Begin Creating a Deeper Understanding of Your Body, Sex, or His/Hers.

Did you know that you have positive & negative energy poles in the body that are different for male-bodied or female-bodied people? A man’s penis is his positive pole, and his negative pole his heart. For a woman, her positive pole is her heart, and her negative pole is her vagina/yoni! Interesting right?! Makes a lot of sense!

4. Learn to Read the Signs of Your Body & Sensations.

After being guided through a Sexological body session, The Practitioner will ask you to bring subtle awareness to any emotions and sensations in the body. The more practices and presence we bring during a session, soon we will be able to read the signs of our body and sensations much more clearly.

5. Experience Your Eros (Erotic Innocence) in Your Body and How This Energy Can Be Tapped into and Expanded.

Learn about your masculine & feminine energy in your body, how they might show up/manifest in your life in and out of balance.

Studying the eros (erotic innocence) map we can locate where we are in or out of balance in our lives, relationships, careers etc. 

We then journey either a (-light feminine, dark feminine, light masculine or dark masculine.) sexological body practice, to regain balance. Over time with presence, patience & practice we build a stronger connection in our feminine & masculine.

6. Deepen Pleasure, Bring Feeling to Numbness or Trauma in the Body.

As we begin creating space for more eros/life force energy in our bodies, we can begin bringing back sensation to spaces in our body where there was once numbness, trauma.

 Relief in our sensations can soon expand to feeling pleasure! Where there was once density or numbness!!

7. Heart and Sex Connection for the Ultimate Enlightening and Connecting Experience.

Many people can be disconnected from being connected to both their heart and sex (in self-pleasure practice or during intercourse.) 

In Journeying/exploring Sexological bodywork, you can begin connecting the two again, and feel the depth and beauty of what connecting the two brings.

8. Hold Ejaculation for longer.

You’ve been journeying deeper body connection for a while now… you don’t feel the need to rush to the finish line…

You enjoy the whole experience, you feel connected to your heart, your sex centres, your partner & his/her body, your body will hold memory to ‘’last longer’’.

9. Begin Releasing any Shame, Guilt or Trauma in the Body around Sex or Previous Sexual Experiences or Conditionings.

As you explore your body, sensations, emotions or traumas may potentially surface. 

You will be able to begin creating release around the above from simply holding space, presence and/ or being guided through a Sexological body session. 

(P.s soon you might not even feel the need for a Practitioner! Because you are comfortable holding this space for yourself/guiding yourself through a Practice!)

10. Deepen Self-Love. Ultimate Self-Care learning to know, grow and love your Man/ Woman-hood.

This is the Ultimate self-care, self-love. 

First of all being tuned in enough to even begin hearing your body’s messages, desires… But taking the leap to begin journeying deeper with your man/womanhood, is another level. 

Just creating this space to begin having a deeper connection with your body is in itself the greatest self-love success story!!

11. Receive the Uplifting and Desired Sex Ed. You Wish You Had Growing Up.

Believe me, you will ‘’learn’’ (more accurately… you will experience!) so much regarding your body, your sensations, sex ed. from experiencing the information from your own body! 

Not just books! Nicely done lady/ fellow! 😉

12. Learn How To Anchor Safety, Acceptance and Love in Your Body.

All tools and practices which will be given to you, along with the support of a safe space, from a qualified Practitioner/ Sexoligist.

Lgbtqa+ Friendly.

If you are lgbtqa+, I recommend asking/ looking for a lgbtqa+ Informed Sexoligist, that acknowledges your sexuality orientation, creating that extra safety piece for you before exploring a session! 

They may also be lgbtqa+ themselves!

Ruth is a graduate of the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy. Sexologist specialising in somatic body work, energy work, relationships, life & mindset coaching.

Connect with Ruth here: https://www.instagram.com/somaticsexoligistruth/

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  1. Thankyou for publishing! 🙂 My name is changed on Insta now so my name is ‘Sacredsexualitywithruth’ if looking to find me you won’t find me on the above link anymore! Ruth xo

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