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With this 30 minute meditation you will enjoy the opportunity to experience real sex magick.

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What is Sex Magick?

by Victoria Redbard

‘No new information can come into your nervous system that isn’t equal to the emotion.’

What is Sex Magick?!

For me, it’s about creating that inner and outer union. Complete coherence between the microcosm and macrocosm. It’s basic spirituality 101. When your mind, body and spirit are in alignment, you’re going to start to see that change in your outer world.

If we want to create something in our outer world then what better energy to use than our most potent life force energy. Our eros. We can literally birth human life with this energy. But often birthing humans is easier than aligning to our heart’s truest desires and having the relationship, career, wealth and sex life we really want.

Our emotional state is what holds us tied to the past and not aligned with the truth of our hearts. When we move into union with ourselves or a partner, we start to transcend our emotions. After all, emotions are just energy in motion.

Sex is always about emotions. Good Sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.

Deepak Chopra

Most of what happens when we’re moving our emotional bodies is unconscious. I see a lot of people holding their breath, tensing their bodies, and not making a sound. Literally restricting their energy flow. Holding on to all their emotions. Shutting down any potential to align with the future they want to create.

Sex Magick is about lighting up the body.

Connecting your sex centre (sacral), with your power centre (solar plexus), igniting your heart (the largest generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body) and aligning it to your vision (the third eye). 

This Sex Magic Meditation will:

  • Ignite your sexuality
  • Heal past issues
  • Clear emotional blocks
  • Manage triggers
  • Reduce stress
  • Open you to new or deeper partnership
  • Help you manifest  your dreams
  • Have you feel more embodied
  • Improve your sex life

It’s a 30 minute practice. Find yourself a quiet space, light your favourite candles and drop into the magic of your sensuality.

If you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, disconnected sex, stress, non-existent or weak orgasms, past violations or sexual trauma, or you’re just looking for more fun and wisdom. This is for you.

Access my Sex Magick Meditation here.

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