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How your Sexual Energy is Linked to the Moon

Sexual energy is often referred to as the most powerful form of human energy. 

It affects not just the body but mind, emotions, and spirit as well. Sexual energy holds within it a way to experience deeper connection with self and others. This energy has the power to create anything we desire as long as we’re intentionally creating with it. 

The practice of aligning this sexual energy with the cycles of the moon and light hold numerous benefits such as: improved female reproductive health, health of the uterus and ovaries, release of emotional blockages and traumas, increased fertility and natural conception, improved overall sexual health, connection with one’s inner feminine aspect, seductiveness, magnetism in all areas of one’s life.

Our bodies contain about 80% water, and so just as the moon affects the ocean tides, so does it affect us. 

Each of these moon phases represents an important part of the sexual cycle.

New Moon

The New Moon is a good time to begin new projects, especially those you’ve been meaning to start. It’s also an excellent time for sexual experimentation with your partner, as well as for getting closer to each other and becoming more intimate. If you have thoughts about making your relationship more official, this would be the perfect time to do so.

Waxing Crescent

This is a good time for movement and taking action. This period calls for a healing of relationships and the forming of new habits to help strengthen them.

Full Moon

Expect major awakening breakthroughs. The Full Moon is a time to stop, observe your surroundings, and learn from them. The Full Moon urges you to reflect on various things in life, and to allow all of these things to be moving at their own pace while your learning helps you prepare for your next move.

During this phase of the month, you would be filled with energy. Use this time to engage in sex, as your senses will be multiplied and stimulated.

Waning Crescent

The waning crescent moon phase is a time when you might feel vulnerable or emotional. The best way to use this energy is to deeply connect with your partner and nurture yourself. Use this time to rejuvenate and put into practice the breakthroughs you received during the full moon.

The moon cycles can be used as a guide to help people live a more fulfilled, happy existence. It’s also a beautiful way to understand your body, mind and take your path of sexuality development even further. There is something truly magical about learning about the different energies that are available to us on this planet Earth.

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