The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy invites you to step into your truth to experience the ease in which your reality can transform.

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The Institute of New  Paradigm Intimacy 

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What is the Institute of
 New Paradigm Intimacy Self Pleasure Modality™ Graduates Certification? 

The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy is a 9 month  advanced certification in business and mentoring for the new paradigm
of sex and relating.
There has never been a better time for you to follow your calling and make a difference in the world by just being you!
The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy supports people of all genders to step into their leadership in the sexuality field, qualifying them to not only support others, but to also create cultural change on our planet.


Find out where you are on your sexuality journey.
Do you need to CLEAR through past conditioning to become more embodied, CONNECT to the PRESENT to have better sex, or are you ready to CREATE the future with sex magic?


Both speakers, mom's, facilitators and altogether business badass’s. Over the past 3 years they taught inside the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy, a globally accredited sexuality school honing its cutting-edge Self Pleasure Modality™. They also the run Enlightenment in The Bedroom events in Miami and a booming Sex and Medicine Radio TV show in Canada. Through a delicious mix of intuition, instinct, and passion together, they wake people up to the innocent aliveness of their erotic nature.

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MEET your guides; Dr. Elizabeth Willis and Chelsy Brause


5 Self PleasureTips 

To live with an ignited heart we must ignite our Eros. Follow these simple steps to change the way you connect with your body.


Is the practice of descending awareness down into the body and relating with the sensations being experienced, without attaching stories or meaning. Through using the 4 tantric tools of sound,
breath, movement and touch, the sensations are given space to be expressed without judgment or censoring.


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This is the cutting edge of sexual evolution.
Allow your body to vibrate and receive the activations from leaders around the world bringing through pioneering approaches to sex, business and relating.


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" Studying with INPI has brought all of the pieces that have been denied and suppressed up to the surface to be felt, accepted and released. 
It has opened me up to a journey of bringing all parts of me home. 
INPI is seriously life transforming. Nothing is ever going to be the same for me. 
I’m stepping more strongly into my power. I’m letting go of things needing to go. I’m healing. I’m expanding. So many pieces start to open up when you commit to studying with INPI " 

- Danica Rose, Graduate

Past Alumni